A day of REST with the best

It’s all happing in January 28th 2016, where people who made the WP REST API and people who use it are going to talk about the next great thing the Internet will see (or is seeing).

Of course, I couldn’t miss it, and I glad to be able to hear and get inspired from all the people around this project and WordPress altogether.

I’m an iOS developer (yes, I know you know), but I’ve stated in an article before why I’m a big fan of WordPress. Although this conference is more directed to web developers, chances are it’s at least that much interesting for mobile developers.

You can’t go past the fact that the mobile and the web are close enough for them depend from each other, so I’m hoping to come back to my company inspired, delighted and full with valuable information for fellow web developers, who wan’t be able to attend due to our to high work volume at the moment.

Hoping to get something done on an iOS app the simulates Instagram called InstaPress soly based on WordPress. Can I get it done in time? Let’s see! Follow it’s development here.

See you there? Are you attending?