Hello World

Hi! My name is Marcel, I was born in Blumenau, Brazil, currently living in beautiful Porto, Portugal, married and father of my super hero João. I work at my company hellodev as an iOS developer and also as the CTO of the company.

It’s been a while since I wanted to start a personal blog where I can share my thoughts on iOS development, my work at my company, share code, eventually open source some of our code, and other stuff related to coding, Apple, WordPress, mobile development and eventually photography.

I wanted the blog to be something relaxed, not the ultimate reference for iOS development, with super accurate highly technical stuff. I want to share simple, practical and cool resources, that can be understood be any mortal common developer.

Searching for the right theme was always a struggle, having a simple, clean, good-looking site with the focus on content, good reading text format, intelligent responsive layout and the ability to post content from Twitter and Instagram. I think I found it! Do you like it?

And please feel free to comment the posts, post corrections, enhancements, alternative ideas or point out other resources, it will help other readers to enrich their knowledge.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Github!