Day 1 – VeeApp

The main goal with this side project is to create an app tha aggregates all Gary Vee’s social network posts into one streamed timeline. As I get moving forward with the project, I’ll be posting to my Twitter some videos with the the hashtag #veeapp, updating you on the development progress. This could be an interesting app, as this also would work with other personalities you might want to follow and also because this is one of a kind app that could work very well with some extra features like read later and other.

Stay tuned!

I want to be an iOS Developer, should I learn Swift or Objective-C?

There are a lot of people asking me now and then about whether to start learning Swift or Objective-C to get into the mobile dev scene. Also, a lot of people that develop for other platforms are often curious about Swift and Objective-C. This is for both of you, to get to know a bit more about the subject of the mobile platform languages available…

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Hundreds of thousands of birds hovering two trees

This happens every day for the last couple of months near my in-laws house. This had to be caught on camera. This is not africa, no tropical zone, this is north Portugal having a warmer winter than usual. Why did they choose this place for the last weeks, is it only during the winter?

Nevertheless it is amazing to watch! Live your comments down below, tell me what you think!