WooCommerce, The Do’s, Don’ts and Should’s

WooCommerce has become the greatest e-commerce framework / platform / system for building a fast, reliabe and all around cheap web store. It’s popularity has grown very fast since the early days and even more after Automattic’s acquisition back in May 2015. What does this platform differs from the others and why did it become the number one choice for online businesses? Today I had the opportunity to…

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Day 1 – VeeApp

The main goal with this side project is to create an app tha aggregates all Gary Vee’s social network posts into one streamed timeline. As I get moving forward with the project, I’ll be posting to my Twitter some videos with the the hashtag #veeapp, updating you on the development progress. This could be an interesting app, as this also would work with other personalities you might want to follow and also because this is one of a kind app that could work very well with some extra features like read later and other.

Stay tuned!

Open-Sourcing Some Work

There’s a lot of work that I’ve done over the years, be it WordPress or iOS related, that has terrible code aesthetics, but simply works, and that I find it would be very useful to a lot of people. When it was shown to other developers or recent hires at my company, people had a hard time looking and understanding it. I have to solve this issue.

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