Security around WordPress – my talk @ WordCamp Porto 2016

Today I had the pleasure and honor to give a talk at the biggest WordCamp Portugal ever with over 300 participants about security around WordPress. Amazing event! Congratulations to everyone at the organising team!

It has been a great experience being CTO at hellodev, an WordPress and mobile development related agency that had gone the hard path through hosting and managing every single WordPress instance by themselves. From having sites hacked, defaced, sending spam, we hade about every bit of what a hacker can do with a compromised website, WordPress website, that is.

Our experience gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about security and also made us go ahead and implement measures to prevent attacks, monitor websites and react immediately to aggressive scripts and other bottlenecks. We are taking all the tools developed internally and putting them inside a platform supported by an API and plugin that will enable anyone to use our tools to monitor their WordPress websites through an iOS app.

We will be calling it hellosys, and soon we’re releasing a public beta for the WordPress community to try it out, take it down, stress the heck out of our API, suggest features, discover security issues and help us built the best tool ever to protect WordPress installations and avoid other developers going through our pain and suffering.

In the meanwhile, here are my slides from my talk. Hope you find it useful.

See you in June in Vienna!