Starting a tech Podcast just for the fun of it

I always wanted to start a YouTube channel about tech. Review hardware, software, give my opinion and thoughts about different subjects, trying to take into the equation what other important people of the tech scene say and try to give some kind of inspiration to others.

Although I have all the equipment, I quickly realised that I didn’t have the necessary time to do it properly. A professional looking video with sound and image quality I could distinguish myself from the crowd, along with unique content. So it was by hearing constantly Gary Vee say: audio is back, audio is the next big think, I started thinking about the Podcast format of all the things I wanted to make in that YouTube channel that never took off.

Could I possibly get all the details that would be easier to explain inside a video into a Podcast, into the audio format? How would that work? Audio is great, because people can listen while driving, working, exercising, and that is not achievable with video. So audio would be in theory easier to reach to the masses.

Well, after some more thoughts (and thinking back again to what Gary said: just do it!) I decided to start my own show and adopt a model that is the most simple one: just speak out of my mind. No fancy formatting, no fancy scripting (although I write everything down first), just hit record and go!

So that’s it, the first episode is out, the show is called Schmitzoide’s Tech Show, and on that I give my opinion about the iPhone X price tag. It is recorded with Anchor, and it will than be syndicated to other platforms like iTunes. Link on those later as they become available.

So if you would like to participate on those shows, it’s actually very easy: download the mobile app and start following me there under the name schmitzoide. There, you can make the so called call in’s, and I’ll mix the call in’s on the show to give you guys an opportunity to give your opinion on the matter in hand, too.

Hope you like it, and if so, please help me share it!

Until the next episode! Take care!