Update on What’s Going On

There has been almost 6 months since my last blog post, and one of my new year’s resolution (the same thing as to say “I’ll get this done from now now” and not follow through), was that I’d write more.

Well, three months in and not a single blog post. Creating habits and sticking to them is the hardest thing. I see writing blog posts as an opportunity for me to share things that I thing might interest other people, and also for me to be constantly training my English. I do that with my German, too, I write in German as often as I can.

So what’s up Marcel, how was last year?

Absolutely awesome! The best year professionally and also personally for sure. At hellodev we’re strong getting your knowledge down with WooCommerce and developing iThemes’ (now LiquidWeb’s) Sales Accelerator, and now working closer together with Chris Lema, we’ll have a lot of cool features to add in and make it the most awesome WooCommerce add-on to have.

And you’re trips, how where day?

Well, I hate to repeat myself but… absolutely awesome! Getting to visit Azores and Madeira in the same year was amazing, those island are Portugal’s most well hidden secrets for sure. You should for sure visit them. Seattle was amazing, too, I love visiting the USA. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’re already seen some amazing photos. This year we’ll have some other cool trips to attend to, more on that soon.

And what’s up with your food photography, what’s going on there?

Oh you’ve noticed, hu? I get to see a lot of Creative Live’s lessons to help my wife’s business and also to get creatively inspired. Once I say Andrew Scrivani’s course on food photography and felt in love with it. I’ve tried other photography areas in the past before, such as wedding photography, but, although they were fun and profitable, being away in the weekend after having a kid is a big deal. Food photography you can do whenever you like, with whatever you like, being it your own food or someone else’s. I like the technical part of the setup, composing and editing, and also the creative part, so I have there all the ingredients for fun. It isn’t a business for now, but I wouldn’t say no to a renown chef that what ask me to do a shooting, that’s for sure. I wish… :-). More on this in a later post.

So that’s it?

Pretty much yeah, my wife’s business is going super well, she has a new studio (where I also shoot some of my food photography), and it’s 38 seconds away from our home, by foot! Could you ask for more?

So there you go, an update on what’s going on! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (I’m this close to give up on Facebook, more on that later).

Be safe!