What’s cooking for 2019?

I’ve been off blogging for a lot of months. I guess the questions really is, was I ever into blogging at all?

I’ve written a couple of articles before this one, promised myself to write more, over and over again. Here we are, almost 9 months after the last one. Will it be this year? I’ll try, I promisse. It will make more sense this year, I guess, you’ll see why in a bit.

Some couple of things happened. I left iThemes in December 2018, left hellodev in January 2019, and am now working full time as a freelance WordPress / WooCommerce expert at Codeable.

Codeable is awesome! Per and Tomaz are awesome, all the team behind Codeable is awesome, the platform is awesome, my colleagues and the clients are awesome, it’s a wonderful concept. Check it out if you haven’t yet (plugging this right in: you can hire me at Codeable now).

So you might ask, what happened with all the products you worked on in the past? Well, the plan, for now, is to hold them offline for a bit and dedicate myself to client work again for the next 12-24 months. In the meanwhile, a stream of ideas has been passing inside my head, more than 14+ different products related to WordPress that could be either plugins or SaaS products on their own.

I figured the best thing, for now, is to let them written in a paper that’s always visible to me and let the ideas mature. One of them, which got the most interest off of a close group of people I showed them to, is going to be number one on the list. What is it, you ask? I can tell you this much: #wooknows :-).

It has been an awesome time working with Cory and Matt and all the other awesome people at iThemes, it has been amazing to be the co-founder of one of the most successful WordPress agencies in Portugal, hellodev, but the time has come where I want to make my own path with my own ideas by myself, as an entrepreneur and business manager. Nuno Areias is joining the ride as my friend, co-worker, and all-around hustler, in a concept we’re calling as the pluginslab.com. We’re the scientits :-).

I have a lot of plans, ideas, I want to be disruptive, inventive, creative, free to explore, try, fail, and try again. I guess this year will be awesome, not because every new year we say so, but because this time I have the feeling inside me, not just around me. It’s time to take care of myself and let the failures and (hopefully) successes of my ideas tell the future.

I’m ready to just fucking do it!

Stick around, it’s going to be a hell of a ride (and hopefully a lot more blog posts).