WordCamp App – an iOS app for all wordcampers around the world

It is with a great pleasure that I’m able to announce a new app I’ve coded for the WordPress community and all the WordCamps around the world, under the umbrella of my agency called hellodev, with info about the speakers, sessions and a lot more. It’s called WordCamp for iOS.

What’s the main goal of the app?

The goal is to create a tool where people can grab their phones and do a quick consultation on a speaker or session. As the app grows, more features will be added such us more info about the city, the venue, calling an UBER, and other useful information.

Why did you create the app at first?

WordCamps are growing all over the world, and there are usually so many sessions that one would like to attend, it can get a bit confusing and overwhelming, especially if you take into consideration WordCamp EU and WordCamp US. So I’ve come up with a basic idea of using a) my knowledge about mobile development and usage of REST APIs and b) wanting to create a better tool to gather all the information about a certain event. The app allows one to mark sessions as favorite and displaying them in a timeline, and when the time comes for that session, you’ll get a notification remembering to attend.

What are the main features of the app?

So the app allows you to list all the speakers and sessions ordered by tracks if you’re attending a multi-tracking conference. You can also take a look at the blog posts containing the latest news, mark sessions as favorites and take notes for each session and export them later on. You can also insert a specific session in your calendar very easily. Many features will be introduced as the app gets updated, one of the upcoming features will be to support multiple WordCamps and doing that by not having to update the app from the App Store. The app also caches the information so that if you lose internet connection, the information is stored and available.

But wait, how were you able to get the info inside the app?

The official WordCamp.org website exposes the so-called REST API endpoints that one can use to access their information, so all data is obtained through those endpoints. Meaning you would get all the latest information about the conference directly from the official website, automatically. Pictures of the city and later the list of all available WordCamps are coming from specific endpoints provided by my company hellodev.

Is this the official app for WordCamps?

No, it isn’t. But it would be cool if someday it would be considered so. 🙂 There are so many things that could be done if the foundation responsible for the events would agree on exposing extra fields and information that would enrich user experience.

So that’s it! Go grab the app and tell me what you think. Hit me up at Twitter to suggest features, report bugs, or just chat about the app.

Hope you like it!