WordCamp iOS app is now WP Camps – Multiple WordCamps Added

Two weeks ago I’ve released a new app called WordCamp, it’s mission,Β to help wordcampers to get info about their event on an iPhone or iPad.

After its first test in WordCamp Porto 2018, with more than 140 installs, it was time to move to the next step: add support for multiple WordCamps. Done! Version 1.1 supports multiple WordCamps, and more events will be added during the next days.

The result of the public test phase was amazing. A lot of positive feedback, feature suggestions, and a couple of bugs captured. But there were two comments that were important to me: WordCamp is a registered trademark, so we needed to change the name of the app, and also the icon, it didn’t receive positive appreciation!

So we changed the name to WP Camps and redesigned the icon. Hope you find it more good looking now.Β ?

WP Camps

Version 1.1 is now live and supports multiple WordCamps including WordCamp Europe 2018 and upcoming WordCamp US 2018, a few bug fixes, and will be the starting point for progressing into a full-featured app with search, chat, who’s-on-stage feature, and a lot more.

Follow me on Twitter to get more insights and news of how the app evolves and if you want to have your WordCamp featured in the app, just let me know via Twitter DM or through the app itself, under the More option in the tab bar, by tapping the About option.